Sunday, 10 July 2016

Catch up

I know, I know I have been MIA again for the last three months but sometimes life just gets in the way and something has to be put on hold.  I didn't intend for it to be so long and it was quite a shock when I realised how long ago that I last wrote a blog post.

So to quickly bring everyone up to speed.


Of course there have been books, books and more books.  
I have read some fantastic books over the last three months but my favourites have been Lisa Genova's Inside the O'Briens, Dani Atkins The Story of Us and who wouldn't have JoJo Moyes Me Before You which I still haven't managed to get to see at the cinema, it may well be another one I have to wait until the Dvd comes out before I get to see it, but at least I won't feel so bad when I cry uncontrollably.

April saw a trip down to London to see a show with my lovely daughter.  This trip we saw War of the Worlds at the Dominican Theatre.  Daughter knew nothing of the original story only the disastrous attempt at remake with Tom Cruise, so I wasn't sure if she would like the show or not but was pleased when she said she had thoroughly enjoyed it.  We had a trip around the shops in Covent Garden and saw the street artists who we saw on our trip for her 21st a year ago and we finished the day off with a meal at the Crusting Pipe. Fantastic atmosphere but I thought the food was quite pricey for something I would make at home. I believe their afternoon tea is worth a visit for though and as always we were entertained by the musicians.  Another baby blanket was called for as yet another colleague when on her maternity leave, but when you work with a lot of young newly married nurses there will always be a new arrival on the horizon.  No babies currently on their way so I have been able to concentrate on my cross stitch.  I am still working on the Earth Goddess but she has gone a sabbatical for the moment whilst I work on the Quiltmaker as a 60th birthday present for a very good friend of mine. April also saw us take on yet another Cavalier King Charles. This one makes number 5 and I have told D no more as Ollie has proved to be a bit of a handful and is one of the reasons I have not been around for a while.  He may be a Cavalier but in his head he thinks he is very boisterous Labrador and we're currently trying to undo all the bad habits his previous owner let him get  away with which at the age of 6 is going to take some doing but he is definitely a WIP and not all his fault.
The Queen also turned 90 in April it is going to be a very sad day when the Queen and Prince Philip are not steering our ship.  I know Prince Charles has been more at the forefront of things along with William but I have never known any other monarch in my lifetime.  And of course we had the news of the sad passing of Victoria Wood one of my all time favourites.  I have seen her a number of times and every time I  she appeared on stage with her yellow mac and matching hat asking if you'd seen her friend Kimberley I would just go to pieces.  She will be much missed by all.

It's a rarity that you can get all five dogs sitting together in one place and all facing the camera. I'm still not sure what it was that D did to bribe them into sitting still long enough to take this picture. What did I say about baby blankets not being required. I obviously spoke to soon as yes another baby blanket came through the production line for a baby boy who arrived in May.  There was a little progress made on The Quiltmaker and I even got the knitting needles back out. Not so much progress made on that particular project.  The back is finished and I'm just about to start the raglan seam on the first of the fronts. I have made this cardigan before but never for myself so I thought that it was about time I did start and knit for myself for a change. I planted this yellow rose in memory of a friends mother who was always like a second mum to me. She sadly died after a short illness almost six years ago now.  Her favourite flower was yellow roses and this one is called Golden Celebration and is a climbing variety.  I have a three memory roses now in my garden a white rose for my mother who shared my love of white roses, this yellow one and this year I planted a dark pinky colour in memory of another friends mother who died 2 years ago at the age of 90 + 5 days.  For me its a lovely way to remember them all.

As you can see there was yet more progress on the Quiltmaker and I am hoping that by the end of July I will be 3/4 through but I am at the point where there is a lot of blue stitching going on albeit in different shades of blue as I am working on the ladies blue dress.  I'm beginning to think I should have maybe worked on other areas so that it wasn't all the blue dress to finish last. My friend is an outstanding quilt maker and I know she is just going to love this when the time comes.  She knows absolutely nothing about it so I can't wait to see her face when she opens it, but that's not until December so I have to keep myself in check when I see her and not blurt out the secret.  The sleep head is Buster who kept me company after I had a fall whilst walking the dogs and badly sprained my ankle which resulted in four days in bed and a week off work. Fortunately this happened the day after I went to see Elton John and not before, I had seen Sir Elton in concert before but the last time I took my dad who was a huge Elton fan and that would have been some 35 years ago. This time it was my daughter who came with me and I was surprised she knew so many of the songs but as she told me later I played them a lot when they were young.  I didn't set myself challenges this year just as well as I don't think I would have been able to keep to any of them, but I did decide I would read something out of my usual genre.  I started reading some of Terry Pratchet's discworld series.  I have read the first three and do intend to go back to them but at the moment I am catching up with dear Harry P.  I read snippets with my daughter when she was younger but she isn't the most avid reader and tells me that since I am going to read them all this year that she will try and find time to dig her copies out again. She has them all but I'm not sure she has read them all.  I have to say I am absolutely enjoying them and I am up to number 4 now but not got to it just yet.

So there we are that's a quick update of the last three months and I will try and get back here again to show you what I have been up throughout July.  

All the best one and all


next task to catch up on everyone's blog posts.


  1. I saw Elton John in June as well - at Longleat. I thought he was brilliant. Another coincidence is that I've also started reading the Harry Potter books again and have the first Terry Pratchett book as my next one to read for the book group - I've read all the Discworld books before but this time I am going to read them in order of publication.

    1. I've not read any TP before and so far I am enjoying them as something to completely different to what I would normally read.

  2. What a busy bee you've been. You have read an amazing number of books, you do seem to find some great titles.
    Loved seeing the steady progress on the stitching, I hope you get a photo of your friend when she opens the gift to see the look on her face!
    Welcome to your new addition, I'm sure he loves his new home and his playmates.
    Lisa x

    1. If nothing else I always seem to find time for my books. I do worry however that I don't have enough years left to read everything I want to read hence why I read so many I think:-)

      The Quiltmaker is certainly making progress and I will definitely have to get a photo of when she opens it. I'm just hoping I can contain my excitement once it's finish and not blow the surprise. Ollie is certainly very different to the other four but I'm hoping he will settle in the fullness of time.

  3. Sorry to hear you sprained your ankle Mitzi, what a painful experience. Hope you are feelimg more comfortable now. You have been very busy with all your crafts! Love that you are putting all this work in to the beautiful cross stitch for your friend, what a marvellous gift. X

    1. Ankle is certainly a lot better than it was. I took the boys out for the first big walk since I did it over the weekend and I certainly knew it come the evening. It didn't help that I forgot to strap it up before I left so my own stupid fault really. I am enjoying the Quiltmaker especially as there is minimal backstitching which is the bit I don't like but also the one thing that can really make a cross stitch stand out. I know she will like it as I made a sampler last year of all quilt terminology which she loved so I know she will probably burst into tears when she sees this one.

  4. Having been an irregular blogger in the last few months I'm trying to catch up with blog friends on my blog list. I'm sure the reason for you not blogging at the moment is because your life is busy and you are doing other things other than blogging. That happens. Wishing you well, Linda :)