Sunday, 15 June 2014

Anniversary Giveaways

First of all apologies that it's taken me a while to get this sorted. In my defense there was a slight hiccup with one of my goodies and it took a couple of days to sort out.

So what was the significance of these


& these

theWI INSPIRING WOMAN                     

My Anniversary Giveaways that's what.....

Just to remind you on the 19th June I will have been working for the NHS for 25 years and on the 1st July will be my blogging anniversary and I think both of these things are worth celebrating.

So why Sunflowers & Poppies?

Well over the years I have worked with many lovely people (some not so lovely) and made many great friendships.  Nearly two years ago now we lost a friend and colleague to ovarian cancer.  Fran had been a Paediatric Macmillan nurse for 30 years and had helped and supported many families in what is undoubtedly one of the most difficult times. When she realised that her cancer was incurable Fran being Fran planned everything to the last detail. Her favourite flowers were Sunflowers and she gave us all a packet of seeds and asked that we grow them in her memory.  The photograph is of the first Sunflower I grew from the seeds she gave us.
the Poppies?

With it being the centenary of the starting of the First World War and the 70th anniversary of V.E Day  and of course my sons return from Afghanistan I couldn't not have Poppies really could I. The photograph is of the Poppies that grown in my garden.

So what are my giveaways?

Well they are hidden in here....

In the Sunflower giveaway you will find....

Two balls of Woodlander wool which I have to tell you knits and crochets up beautifully.
A Tibetan Silver Charm Bookmark of a Sunflower
A packet of dwarf Sunflower seeds called 'Big Smile'
An A6 Notebook 
1m of Sunflower ribbon
Two Coasters

In the Poppy giveaway you will find....

1m of Poppy Ribbon
An A6 Notebook
A packet of Flanders (Corn Poppy) Seeds
One of my crochet Poppies
Two balls of the WI inspired wool sold exclusively in Hobbycraft.
Two Coasters


 of course the Jute bag which you can use for your WIP or a stash bag a bag to nip to the shops or to take to work.

So if you would like to enter my two giveaways all you have to do is to leave me a comment.
If you haven't left a comment before NOT A PROBLEM  all are welcome it's always nice to have new people it gives me lots new blogs to visit and new blog friends.
If you have a preference to which giveaway you would prefer simply leave the word Sunflower or Poppy at the end of your comment if you would like to be entered for both then leave the word both at the end of your comment.
I will pick the 2 winners on the 1st of July to give everyone a chance to enter.

Good Luck one and all



  1. Gorgeous , gorgeous giveaways Mitzi, and such lovely stories behind them. I would absolutely LOVE to put my name in the hat please - poppies are my favourite flowers !
    Kate x

  2. Great looking selection of bits, so well thought through and congratulations again on your anniversaries. Both please :)

  3. What fabulous giveaways, I shall have to enter both please as I wouldn't be able to choose between the prizes, they're both so lovely. I love how you've themed these prizes to the stories behind them, you've put such a lot of effort in. I hope you'll be treated as a VIP on Thursday at work.

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  5. Happy Anniversaries to you, Mitzi. Your giveaway gifts are very generous; I think the touch of blue in the yarn makes me lean toward the sunflower grouping. Your choices for each show a great deal of thought. I don't imagine the draw extends beyond your country's borders (besides, I think sending seeds may not make customs happy), but I wanted to wish you well with it!


    1. Hi Karen

      More than happy to enter your name in the hat (could just remove the seeds if necessary).

  6. Hello Mitzi, what a generous giveaway and a lovely way to mark your anniversaries by remembering your friend and colleague and our armed forces. Yes please, I would like my name to be put in for the poppies. Thank you. Have a great week.
    Jane x

  7. Such generous and well thought out giveaway gifts.
    I wish you happy blog-a-versary in advance.
    They are really fab prizes but please don't enter my name in the draw as I'm not a great knitter and am even worse on the crochet front and so they should be won by someone who can do the fab yarns justice!
    Lisa x

  8. Hi Mitzi, what a lovely blog you have :) and two special anniversaries! I can see that both flowers hold a special significance to you, a really wonderful giveaway, please count me in :) Both are so lovely I would be thrilled to win either x

  9. How lovely Mitzi a give away! Very thoughtful prizes considering the stories behind them, both please. xx