Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year, first Ta Dah 2014 and New Year's Challenges

First of all I just want to wish all of you a Happy New Year and hope that 2014 will be a good year for you. Everyone has now returned home which just leaves me, D and number 3 at home.  I have been enjoying my last few days of leave before returning to work on Monday.  I have really enjoyed my time off to get together with family and a chance to re-charge my batteries.  It also gave me the best opportunity to get a wriggle on with my Autumn Leaves blanket which had been on the back burner for a couple of months whilst I got other bits and pieces completed in time for Christmas. 

Almost a ta dah moment

Adding the finishing touches
Ta Dah my first completed project for 2014 is?

My Autumn Leaves Blanket!!!!

Blocking out has begun

The Home Coming From Afghanistan Afghan is still in process. Today is day 81. Having realised how long it took me to put the Autumn Leaves Blanket together I thought it may be an idea to start and block out and join together number 2's Afghan.

This New Year I decided I would take a leaf out of Jo at Through the Keyhole book and set my self some challenges for 2014.  Resolutions don't work for me as I know I just won't keep them.  

So for my first challenge I have decided to pick up where Jo left off. Last year Jo challenged herself to watch one old film per month.  I love old films and have quite a collection but not necessarily a lot of time to watch them.  That is all going to change for 2014.  I will watch a minimum of one old film per month and list here which film or films I have managed to watch.

Challenge two is going to read some of those books we had to read at school which at the time I detested.  I am hoping that some 30 years later that I will now appreciate some of those books.

Challenge three will be to make some of the mini hats for the innocent campaign for Age UK.  I missed the deadline for 2013 but will endeavor to make at least two per month.

Challenge four will be to make at least one Poppy per week in readiness for this years remembrance day and this year will also mark the centenary of the beginning of the first world war.

Challenge five my final challenge will be to work my way through my 'Yet to be read' shelf of books which currently has 26 books residing on it.  I have challenged myself to read at least 13 of them by the end of June.

I am looking forward to getting started with my challenges and will update you all as to my progress. What resolutions or challenges have you set for yourself for 2014?

Ok better get started with my challenges.



  1. Your new blanket is spectacular, love the combination of colours, it just shouts cosy.
    God luck with all your challenges. I liked Jo's one about films. I've got a few for Christmas and am determined to find time to watch them soon.
    Lisa x

  2. Your Autumn Leaves blanket is gorgeous, I love it. I love those cutesie little doggies in the background of one of the photos too. I'm looking forward to hearing which films you watch, I'm going to continue with this too, though it won't be one of my challenges this year. I saw Rebecca on tv yesterday and watched a bit of it, I can never resist that one, such a lovely film. I like the idea of rereading books from school too. I recently reread Of Mice and Men with Eleanor as she's studying it for her English GCSE as I did for my O Level. I passed it on to my mum afterwards as she'd never read it, and she enjoyed it. I wonder if any of our Big Knit hats will be similar. Your house will seem quiet now that everyone's left. We've just dropped Daniel back at uni, I was really sad to see him go but he couldn't wait to get back. He's been doing lots of revision whilst he's been at home as he's got exams starting on Monday. Happy New Year to you and yours too.